2 Day Tour – Authentic Iceland

2 Day Tour – Authentic Iceland

This tour offers a compelling mix of action, history and great local food in an authentic environment. Experience fantastic nature, get to know the unique Icelandic horse, stargaze, sleep in a museum and cross a glacial river by a cable ferry. The Wilderness exhibition is a fun and interactive experience both indoors and outside around the Center.

  • Duration: 2 days / 1 night
    Operated: October, November, February, March.  and upon request
    Pick up: Egilsstaðir/Seyðisfjörður Ferry Port
    Drop off: We return our guests to Egilsstaðir/Seyðisfjörður Ferry Port at the end of day 2
    Departing from: Egilsstaðir/Seyðisfjörður
    Group size: 2–16
    Minimum age: No age limit
    Language: gb[1]
    Price: 75,000 ISK For guaranteed departure we need a minimum of 2 persons 

We provide:

  • Fully guided tour
  • Drive to and from airport/ferry terminal
  • All transport on the tour
  • Lunch, refreshments, and dinner on day 1
  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments on day 2
  • Accommodation in a unique environment
  • Free access to all events and exhibitions during the tour


  • Accommodations can be upgraded.

Day 1.
We start with a scenic drive over the mountains and along the Lagarfljót lake, the home of a famous river monster. On the way, we listen to stories of the mystical nature of the lake.
When arriving at the Wilderness Center, you will be guided through the unique wilderness museum, created by a group of artists, filmmakers, and historians. There you will enjoy local food for lunch made in the Center´s homely kitchen.
After lunch, a local guide takes you to a picturesque abandoned farm full of stories and traces of the past. Those who dare can experience the adventure of crossing the glacier river in a renovated cable-box.
When we get back, you will enjoy light refreshments in the center‘s cozy kitchen before getting introduced to “the most trustful servant,” the unique Icelandic Horse.
Behind the farm, waterfalls drop from the highland plateau making this a stunning setting.
As an appetizer before dinner, we visit a traditional turf smoke hut and taste the local smoked meat.
At dinner, you will taste local food, a true wilderness dinner, with ingredients from the highlands that are prepared and cooked by the locals in a cozy open kitchen.

After dinner, we visit the Wilderness stargazing station. Located in reconstructed ruins of an old sheep stable off stones and turf. This location offers a fabulous view of clear skies and the authenticity, and peaceful atmosphere is magically guaranteed to leave no visitor untouched. Try our great telescope for stargazing through the open roof and be inspired by stories about how the distant stars have made a significant impact on many lives, for example guiding travelers. Since we will be gazing through an open roof, wool blankets, sheepskins, a campfire and hot chocolate will keep us warm. Perhaps if we are lucky, the northern lights will be out dancing?

Day 2.
After breakfast, you will visit our neighbor at the last active farm in Iceland that still keeps all the sheep in traditional houses built from turf and stones. We watch quirky and intriguing old silent film clips about the wilderness before a local lunch that awaits at the Wilderness Center.
After lunch, we drive out of the valley making stops along the way scouting for reindeer.
At the Vatnajökull National park exhibition, we learn about the nature and environment of the area.
The next destination is the Hengifoss waterfall. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland, measuring 128 m falling from the plateau into a magnificent gorge. Surrounding the waterfall there is a colorful rock face showing different layers from volcanic eruptions in the Tertiary period when Iceland was formed. The walk from the parking lot to the waterfall takes 40-60 minutes to walk. On the way, there is another astonishing waterfall called Litlanesfoss. It is crowned by exceptional high basalt columns making it totally unique and photogenic.
Finally, we drive back, enjoying the scenery on the way as we pass historic places, elf dwellings, and beautiful nature. Until the guides get you safely “home.”

* This itinerary might have minor changes due to winter weather conditions.


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