The Highlights of Iceland

The Highlights of Iceland

This self-drive package will take you around Iceland by the ring road – no. 1. Many of the most recognizable highlights of Iceland can be accessed from this route. Over 90% of the ring road has a tarmac surface, and 4WD is not necessary for this option. The gravel section of the ring road is well maintained.

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Tour Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Tour ID: ID72


  • The Geyser area
  • Waterfalls: Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Gullfoss, Goðafoss and more
  • Skaftafell national park
  • Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon
  • Panoramic views of Vatnajökull glacier
  • Lake Mývatn
  • Akureyri and Eyjafjörður
  • Glaumbær museum
  • Deildartunguhver hot spring
  • Reykjavik city

Available all year

Prices  include:
– 8 days car rental with unlimited mileage, CDW, „Theft Waiver“ PAI and tax; pick up/drop off at Keflavík airport
– Road map
– 7 nights in double or twin rooms including breakfast
– Detailed itinerary
– Reference guide about Iceland
– Service and VAT

Following prices are to be used only as guideline – final price will be confirmed when reservations are made and will depend on availability of preferred type of accommodation.

A) With accommodation in rooms with private facilities:

Car type group Price p.p. from: ISK Price p.p. from: ISK Price p.p. from: ISK Price p.p. from: ISK
  with 2 pax with 4 pax with 6 pax with 8 pax
A – EDMN 193.000      
B – CDMN 207.300 161.500    
N – IWMQ 225.400 170.500    
M – FVMQ   207.200 176.700  
FG – DFNN 261.800 188.700    
G – DFAN 271.200 193.400    
I – FFBD 353.000 234.300    
J – SVNQ *   252.300 206.700 191.400 *


B) With accommodation in rooms without private facilities:

Car type group Price p.p. from: ISK Price p.p. from: ISK Price p.p. from: ISK Price p.p. from: ISK
  with 2 pax with 4 pax with 6 pax with 8 pax
A – EDMN 177.400      
B – CDMN 191.600 145.800    
N – IWMQ 209.700 154.900    
M – FVMQ   191.600 161.000  
FG – DFNN 246.200 173.100    
G – DFAN 255.500 177.800    
I – FFBD 337.300 218.700    
J – SVNQ *   236.600 191.100 175.700*

Car type groups

Not suitable for highland roads:

Suitable for highland roads:
J /SVNQ : TOYOTA HIACE 9 SEATER 4WD BUS – (* when rented with 8 pax, the price includes trailer for luggage!)

Discounts may apply for self-drive packages before 15 June and after 20 August.

Ask for off-season price and itinerary. 

Day 1: (ca. 50 km)
At your arrival in Iceland, you will pick up your rental car at Keflavik airport. Drive to Reykjavík for the first night or stay in the area of Keflavik.

Day 2: (ca. 200 km)
On this first day of your drive around Iceland, you will drive the „The Golden Circle.“ This route takes you to Þingvellir national park which is a great lava arena in a rift valley and the site of the oldest parliament, „the Althing.“ From there you go to the Geysir geothermal area – have your camera ready for one of the geysers, Strokkur as it spouts a column of hot water. You will also visit the ever stunning Gullfoss waterfall (the Golden Waterfall)

Day 3: (ca. 290 km)
Today you will drive the south coast of Iceland. There will be views of Mt. Hekla, and you will visit the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and Skógafoss waterfall. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Skógar folk museum. On the way, you will have views of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier with the infamous volcano of the same name resting beneath it. Further along, you can visit the Dyrhólaey promontory, a bird paradise and southernmost point of Iceland. The village of Vík with its long black sand beach will be on your way as well as the sands of glacial rivers and lava fields. At Skaftafell National Park you will have the chance to hike, long or short hikes such as the hike to the stunning Svartifoss waterfall.

Day 4: (ca. 380 km)
Today you have views of Öræfajökull with the highest peak Hvannadalshnjúkur laying under the ice. After a short drive, you will reach Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon where you have a chance to take a boat tour amongst the icebergs calving off the glacier. From there you continue driving at the foot of the largest European glacier – Vatnajökull. Lastly, you will keep driving along the winding roads of the East fjords with its many small fishing towns before reaching Egilsstaðir.

Day 5: (ca. 180 km)
You start the day heading into Jökuldalur valley with its numerous waterfalls dropping down from the hilltops above the road. From there you reach the desert plateau of Möðrudalsöræfi where you find Mörðudalur – the most isolated farm at the edge of the highlands. When you make it across the plateau, you get to Lake Mývatn with its thousands of nesting birds and various volcanic phenomena. There you will find lava fields, volcanic craters, and mountains, pseudo craters, lava rock formations, solfatara field with boiling mud pits and roaring steam vents. Near Lake Mývatn, there is the Nature Baths geothermal lagoon with a possibility for a relaxing bath in the pleasantly warm water while admiring the fabulous views over the area.

Day 6: (ca. 150-250 km)
Today you drive to Goðafoss waterfall (the Waterfall of Gods) before heading to Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in Iceland and the town of Akureyri often referred to as the capital of the north. Akureyri is the cultural, educational and administrative center of the area. It is worth taking the time to explore this charming town with its old wooden houses, the northernmost botanical garden, beautiful church, and many interesting museums.

Day 7: (ca. 350 km)
On today’s route, you visit Skagafjörður, an area rich in history. You will drive by Vatndalshólar and towards Borgarfjörður. On the way, you can stop at Grábrók crater where you can take a short hike to the top which rises above moss-covered lava field and offers a fantastic view in all directions. This day is ideal to visit the Deildartunguhver hot spring and the historical place of Reykholt, home of the 13th-century historian and writer Snorri Sturluson. In the vicinity, you can visit the gorgeous Hraunfossar waterfall before heading to Reykjavík.

Day 8: Reykjavík – Keflavík:
On this last day in Iceland, you will drive to Keflavík airport, return the rental car and check-in for the flight back home. If your departure is in the afternoon, then you can go to the Blue Lagoon and take another relaxing bath in the geothermal water before leaving Iceland. 

Itinerary can be also tailor-made according to your preferences and interests. Additional activities we can be added to the programme, e.g. horseback riding, sea-kayaking, river rafting, whale watching, glacial hike, caving, sightseeing flights, etc.

Upon booking and confirming the package detailed itinerary will be provided.





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